P59L | 2-Speed Single-Acting Hand Pump

  • More usable oil volume‰ÛÓ use with larger or longer stroke cylinders.
  • True unloading valve set for 850 PSI (59 Bar) provides more efficiency and lower handle force.
  • Link design reduces handle effort by 40%.
  • Durable aluminum reservoir, manifold, and end cap.
  • Ergonomic non-slip handle grip provides more comfort.
  • Spring loaded handle lock incorporated into handle.

Power Team hand pumps, with the angled fill port, have a built in "relief valve" protection system. This system is designed to protect over-pressurization of the reservoir from sudden back pressure. This system also works as a seal to prevent oil leaks.

Speed: 2
Volume per Stroke:
LP - 0.25 cu. in
HP - 0.05 cu. in.
Maximum Pressure:
LP - 850 psi
HP - 10,000 psi
Handle Effort: 78 lbs.
Oil Capacity - 29 cu. in.
Usable Capacity - 27 cu. in.
Oil Port: 3/8" NPTF

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