P31161411110 | Electric Oil Pump QLS 311 Series for Remote Control

Operating Temp.: -10 F to 158 F
Reservoir Capacity: 61 cu. in. / 1.0 L 
Protection: NEMA 4
Minimum Pause Time: 4 min. DC models / 20 min. AC models
Maximum Operating Time: 25 min. DC models / 15 min. AC models
Timer Memory: Indefinite
Max. Operating Pressure 1160 psi
Output per Outlet & Cycle: Approx. 0.012 cu. in.
Lubricant: Up to NLCI 2 grease or oil with at least 40 cSt.


Model Specifications

Valve Type SSV12
Valve Mount Back
Voltage 24 VDC



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