80072 | P653S Electric Pump for Centro-Matic Lubrication Systems

Electrical Data DC Pumps AC Pumps
Incoming voltage: 19 to 31 VDC 100 to 240 VAC
Maximum current: 10 amps 1.7 amps
Frequency: - 47 63 Hz
Operating Temperature: -40F to +158F 32F to 122 F


Common Electrical Data for DC and AC Pumps

Minimum pause time: 4 min.
Maximum pause time: 59 hrs. 59 min.
Pause time increments: 1 hr. or 1 min.
Maximum pumping time: 12 min.


Operating Pressure With:

Pressure switch (fixed): 3,500 psig
Pressure transducer (adj.): 1,400 to 4,600 psig
End of line pressure switch & transducer setting (not adj.): 2,500 psig
Number of outlets: 1
Output: 1.5 cu. in./min.


Pump Elements

Piston diameter: 7 mm
Number of pumping elements (connected together): 3
Protection: 1P 6K9K


NOTE:  All models are designed for grease and include stirring paddle and low-level detection.  Pumps include remote signaling cable, relief valve, electrical connectors and external pressure switch or transducer (as indicated for each model).

Model Specifications

24 VDC No
120/230 VAC 50/60 Hz Yes
Resevoir Size (L) 4
Follower Plate Yes
Internal Pressure Switch Yes
Internal Pressure Transducer No
Internal & End-of-Line Pressure Switch No
Internal & End-of-Line Pressure Transducer No



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